01 Feb 2012

3D Art: The McSplice Family Car


We have another “from 2D to 3D” treat for you!
The McSplice family car is the only thing on the estate which predates the Professor. Something of a family heirloom, he inherited it from his grandfather and, supposedly, back then it actually had a brand name. These days it’s more of a mishmash of motors, a hodgepodge of parts. The weathermoose on the roof is proof of this. It’s actually closer to five different cars than just one, but the Professor loves it almost as much as he loves his wife. Even though it’s rusted, dented, bent out of shape and runs like a brick in a washing machine, he would be hard-pressed to rid himself of this treasured vehicle.

Once again, Davide is responsible for bringing the design to paper first (in this case Xinis are already trying to take over the car!):

McSplice Family Car

Henning then took the concept and gave it shape form and color (using 3D Studio Max and Adobe Photoshop once more) to create the actual in-game car:

Clara's Car

What do you think? Should we call Ford and ask for it to be made into a real car 😉
If we Wabas could drive, I would definitely get one! I am sure it still runs better than the Professor’s Toaster!

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