Oliver&Spikes’ evil duo Nox any Chyme coming to “life”

A nice example of Davide’s Concept art coming to life thanks to Henning’s magic in 3D Studio Max. We have a more detailed blog post planned for later this week in which we write a bit more about the process and steps involved to take our 2D Concepts to 3D Game Models. Until then we.. read more →

Professor McSplice’s Weekly special

We have some new fun concept art to show you but the Professor wanted to make it a small challenge to unlock it. To earn it, so to speak but we'll let him explain instead read more →

The Waba Chief in all his….well..at least in colour!

The Waba chief and the Wabas in general will play a crucial role in the first Episode of Oliver&Spike. One of your challenges will be to figure out what is going on with Firma and get to know the one eyed fluffy inhabitants. The Chief in particular makes up for his height in attitude ;) read more →

Nox, Chyme and the Xinis

For once a concept art of the evil lord himself. Sitting on his most special throne. read more →

More Concept eye-candy coming to Firma

Oliver&Spike Concept art for the Firma Dimension, home of our beloved Wabas, by our Davide. What do you think? read more →

More Firma Magic

Here is a brandnew concept, by Davide, of the Firma Dimension, the home of the Wabas. Enjoy! :) read more →

Oliver: The Evolution of a Character

Taking a character from concept to an actual in game model is quite a long process. Oliver went through a lot of changes to arrive at the current state and most likely that state will get tweaked as well.
Here is a quick rundown. read more →

3D Art: The McSplice Family Car

We have another “from 2D to 3D” treat for you! The McSplice family car is the only thing on the estate which predates the Professor. Something of a family heirloom, he inherited it from his grandfather and, supposedly, back then it actually had a brand name. These days it’s more of a mishmash of motors,.. read more →

Spike’s transportable home

While it’s not really a home, obviously, here are a few ideas for Oliver’s backpack in which Spike likes to sit in. Which of these designs do you like best? read more →

Concept Art: The tribe Environment

Scenery concept art showing the landscape of the Dimension where”The Tribe” lives.   read more →