He’s an angry little goblin, but he has his uses. – NOX

Chyme is in it for the sport. He sees creating super-monsters, inciting war and destabilizing entire dimensions as fun and  games. Whereas Nox is merely cold-blooded and calculating, Chyme is indeed full-blown insane. He has no sympathy for anyone, lacks compassion, and has no empathy at all. But he is a brilliant alchemist.

Shunned by the others of his order, Chyme has grown hateful of people. And animals. And plants. And rocks with shapes similar to people or animals. Once he spent ten minutes cursing out his own shadow for stalking him.

He follows Nox like a puppy, however, and does his bidding at the drop of a hat. Much because Nox is the only person who tolerates his ticks and vices, but mostly because Nox is the only one Chyme has ever met who is more cunning and ruthless than himself.


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