30 Apr 2011

Follow us on our journey through the dimensions!


Welcome to the development blog of Oliver & Spike Dimension Jumpers.

“Oliver & Spike Dimension Jumpers” is an episodic adventure/puzzle game for Console, Mac and Windows. In this blog we will share our work and ideas with you. Feel free to leave comments and feedback!

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3 Responses to Follow us on our journey through the dimensions!
  1. Again, more beautiful pictures! Do I need to be on fee lancer.com or can I apply for the writing of this game in another way? I would like to try the sample you talked about on Linkedin.

  2. New to the blogging realm. I’m studying video game design and see this blog as one of my inspirations to craft game ideas of my own. I hope the development goes well. I like the header artwork (the one with Oliver and Spike running away from the dragon opening its mouth)!

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