nox Nox

“Some freaky tall guy. Bad haircut, uses lots of big words. Just a monocle away from being dressed like the villain of the week.”

The most important thing to know about Nox is that he is not, by any definition of the word, insane. He knows exactly what he’s doing, and why. His goals, while known only to him, is to achieve nothing less than godhood. Ever since he realized it could be done, he has believed the ends justify the means, and has stopped at nothing to become the supreme entity and most powerful being in the Omniverse. Even to the point of inciting wars and genocide.

To understand why he is willing to do this, one needs to know that Nox has an extreme inferiority complex, and is himself aware of it. He hates himself for it. By being worshipped, Nox hopes to rid himself of what he deems to be his biggest character flaw.

With the help of Chyme, Nox has turned both people and various other creatures, and even some plants into Mudimos – monsters who do his bidding through alchemical and/or mechanical manipulation. He values them almost as much as a chess player values his pawns.


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