The Waba Chief in all his… least in colour!

The Waba chief and the Wabas in general will play a crucial role in the first Episode of Oliver&Spike. One of your challenges will be to figure out what is going on with Firma and get to know the one eyed fluffy inhabitants. The Chief in particular makes up for his height in attitude ;) read more →

Recently at the office: Waba-ing

The wabas, quirky characters of the Firma Dimension are currently getting much deserved artistic 3D love which we showed in a small, really shaky, handheld iphone video session! Watch at your own risk! read more →

More Concept eye-candy coming to Firma

Oliver&Spike Concept art for the Firma Dimension, home of our beloved Wabas, by our Davide. What do you think? read more →

More Firma Magic

Here is a brandnew concept, by Davide, of the Firma Dimension, the home of the Wabas. Enjoy! :) read more →

The Professor’s Notes: REGARDING WABAS

The tribe we've taken to calling the Wabas, are a race of bipedal, mono-ocular lagomorphs. In layman's terms, a waba is a big ol' fluffy one-eyed bunny-rabbit. read more →

Concept Art: The tribe Environment

Scenery concept art showing the landscape of the Dimension where”The Tribe” lives.   read more →

Concept: Art Indian Girl

Another member of our bunny tribe. This time of the female gender. read more →